2017 King of 2 Miles Final Run - Derek Rodgers

Take a peek at the Applied Ballistics LLC ELR Team final run at King of 2 Miles. Derek Rodgers shooting, Paul Phillips Spotting and Emil Praslick on the Wind.

Check out the video as we make impacts at 2667, 3028 and 3368 yards. We were on a time limit and we had to make an impact on each plate in order to advance to the next plate. Teamwork played a key role to make impacts at these extreme ranges and stay within our time limit. What a blast !!!

This video shows how accurate the Applied Ballistics LLC shooting solutions are and the devices that support them work. This was one of the most exciting matches that I've ever been a part of. ELR is a fast growing sport and if you're interested please visit ELR Central to learn more about it.

Huge shout out to Eduardo Abril De Fontcuberta, Alexander Cordesman and Walter Wilkinson for creating this match and managing all of the logistics. This would not be possible without you. This is currently the most Premier ELR event in the world.